CV. MULTI MEKATINDO adalah salah satu Perusahaan di Indonesia yang bergerak dibidang Pembuatan atau Fabrikasi Mesin-mesin Industri, Mesin Pertanian, Mesin Perkebunan, Mesin Pertambangan dan Mesin Produksi

Seiring dengan Perkembangan, maka kami berupaya untuk meningkatkan kinerja baik Pelayanan, Kualitas, Peralatan dan Sumber daya Manusia.


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Written by Hadi Soetrijono   
Monday, 10 January 2011 20:15


Seeing the development of the business world, especially in agriculture, plantation and mining in our country Indonesia, which are generally still dependent technology from other countries, especially in the field of machinery, from machine processing, machinery production process and machinery for packaging, which in terms of price can not be reached by the middle to lower business circles.

So we ventured to found a company who works in efficient machinery that once the government's program to use domestic products, among others:

* Machines for Agriculture
* Machine for Plantation
* Machinery for Mining
* Machines for small business / home industry

We always follow the development of technology and trying to become a company that has the international standard.



MULTI MEKATINDO has a mission to become one of the companies that make technology transfer and become a partner for business people operating in the field of Agriculture, Plantations, Mines and Small Business, at the level / lower-middle-level businessmen.

Thus CV. MULTI MEKATINDO to improve the welfare of middle class entrepreneurs.

* Maintain always the quality desired by the customer
* Timely delivery of products and result in good and satisfactory for the customer / consumer
* Maintain product prices are always competitive and healthy.
* Ensure sales service in the form of technical support and consultation.

The fact is really a pride for us and is our contribution to the development of world technology in Indonesia.

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